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BECOME an ‘Entrepreneurial Investor’
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MAY 11 - 13, 2020
Entrepreneurial Investors make money whilst solving problems!
The last few weeks and months might have shaken your faith in investing, but disruption causes shifts in value and wherever there are value differentials, entrepreneurs step in.
Over 3 days you are going to hear from an incredible array of Entrepreneurial Investors who are going to share the biggest trends they are seeing, the biggest opportunities they are seeing and the common mistakes that could hold you back.
If you apply just a fraction of what you hear from these legends, you will absolutely smash it as an investor in the coming decade.
You’re also going to see some pitches from companies looking for investment. These are short 3 minute ‘teaser’ videos and at the end of each one I will provide some feedback. This should help you, both if you are ever looking to raise capital for one of your own projects, but also help you to better evaluate many of the opportunities you will see.
Some of topics attendees will learn include:
  • Alpha: No one is putting their hard earned capital on the line to get average returns. This is the time to look at deals that can change the game. Hear what deals have delivered the best returns (or the biggest losses) and what people are betting on moving forward. This whole day is sponsored by DealGateway, so straight after you’ve heard the deals you can go on and see in realtime the best opportunities.
  • Impact: The hottest trend in investing right now. Why did Blackrock just commit their $7 Trillion to ESG projects (Environmental, Social and Governance)?
  • Liquidity: Publicly listed companies still remain the #1 choice for investors who need to get in and out of their investments, but what is best for you? Growth? Value? Dividends? Small Cap? Microcap? 
Our speakers have been featured on the following platforms:
Baybars Altuntas
Deulcom International
Successful Entrepreneur, Judge on Turkish TV's 'Dragons Den', President of the World Business Angel Investing Association.
Daniel Marcos
Growth Institute
Co-Founder Growth Institute, Ambassador to SingularityU, A world renowned ‘Scale up’ coach to CEO’s from scale ups to PLC’s.
Dean Lindal
International Deal Gateway
Co-Founder Deal Gateway, Investor and connector extraordinaire. Extensive background with EO & YPO.
Daniel Priestley
Dent Global Ltd.
Founder of Dent Global, Author of Key Person of Influence & 3 other best selling business books. Global thought leader on small business.
Lucy Chow
Women’s Angel Investor Network (WAIN)
Director of Woman’s Angel Investing Network. Extensive experience backing early stage businesses from Asia to the Middle East.
Paul Dunn
Buy1Give1 Pte Ltd
Chairman of B1G1. Successfully grew and exited two tech companies before getting involved with B1G1 where him and his team have created more than 200 million positive impacts in ten years.
Tina Allton
Nations of Women
President and CEO of the Chamber for Africa Diaspora Relations. Sharing opportunities from one of the most exciting continents on the planet for investors right now.
Jeremy Harbour
MBH Corporation plc
The leading global small business M&A expert with more than 15 years experience and originator of the Agglomeration model. CEO Unity Group, Co-Founder MBH.
Israel Pons
Pitch at the Beach
CEO of Angels Nest Global and founder of Pitch on the Beach. Instrumental in uncovering the best South American opportunities.
John Mullins
London Business School
The Professor of Scale Up. Entrepreneur, Investor and Professor. Mentoring some of the most exciting entrepreneurs in the UK and US.
Francisco Malesela Kgoboko
FMK Global Holdings Pty Ltd
CEO at FMK Global Holdings and your source to understanding the best deals coming out of Botswana.
Adnan Akdemir
FDR Oyun Cumhuriyeti
From building and selling the biggest cinema chain in Turkey to reinventing himself in online gaming cafes. True entrepreneur and Investor.
Noli de Pala
TriLake Partners Pte Ltd
Chief Investment Officer for Trilake. 20+ years of private wealth management experiences.
Paul Doany
SDS Energy
Former CEO of Turk Telecom. Entrepreneur, Corporate, Angel Investor and Entrepreneur again. Exciting opportunities in Green Tech.
Bernd Schmid
The Motley Fool GmbH
Chief Investing Fool at The Motley Fool Germany. Europe’s biggest economy and one of the worlds best investment sites!
Fadi Saab
Trans Capital Group
From Accidental Airline owner to Private Equity and Angel investing. Investing advice in difficult times and geographies.
Richard Jabara
Southbank Capital
Principal at Southbank capital, EO Founding President Australia and significant early stage investor from gaming to wine and mushrooms.
Max Rofagha
Founder & CEO of Finimize, Forbes "30 under 30". Mentor at Techstars and Startup Bootcamp. Building the most engaged finance community at Finimize.
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Day 1
May 11th
Videos available for 24 hours from 12.01AM Eastern Daylight Time, 5:01AM UK, 12:01PM (Noon) Singapore
  • Callum Laing
  • Daniel Priestley
  • Baybars Altuntas
  • Daniel Marcos
  • Francisco Malesela Kgoboko
  • Lucy Chow
  • Max Rofagha
Day 2
May 12th
Videos available for 24 hours from 12.01AM Eastern Daylight Time, 5:01AM UK, 12:01PM (Noon) Singapore
  • Callum Laing
  • Jeremy Harbour
  • Noli de Pala
  • Bernd Schmid
  • Adnan Akdemir
  • Fadi Saab
  • Dean Lindal
Day 3
May 13th
Videos available for 24 hours from 12.01AM Eastern Daylight Time, 5:01AM UK, 12:01PM (Noon) Singapore
  • Callum Laing
  • Paul Doany
  • Tina Alton
  • Paul Dunn
  • Israel Pons
  • John Mullins
  • Richard Jabara
Day 1
May 11th
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Day 2
May 12th
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Day 3
May 13th
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Callum Laing
FOUNDER AND CEO, MBH Corporation plc
Callum Laing is the founder and CEO of MBH Corporation PLC, a company that acquires small businesses around the globe, leaving the founders in place.
Callum has more than two decades of experience in starting, building, buying, and selling businesses in a range of sectors, including recruitment, sport and lifestyle, information technology, and telecommunications. He has published two best-selling books on business, has interviewed and published more than 800 interviews with entrepreneurs and sits as High Commissioner to the World Business Angel Investor Forum in Singapore.
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Singapore 308900
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